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Deborah’s newest foundation was developed with the intention to protect the skin from polluted air and blue light emitted by electronic screens. It promises medium coverage, a hydrating effect, lightweight feeling on the skin and a semi-matte finish. I agree with all of their promises apart from the first about the coverage level and in a short amount of time this became one of my favourite formulas. I was sent the lightest shade 00, which unfortunately is quite dark – something that doesn’t make me happy, but I lighten it with The Body Shop Adjusting Drops.



Texture: It feels quite creamy, similar to some tinted moisturisers and it’s easy to apply and blend. I like to use a a big oval brush with this foundation because you can really take your time with it to blend it in seamlessly as it doesn’t set very fast.  It reminds me of Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless, except it’s more hydrating and better suited for me in winter. It looks nice over pores and doesn’t make my (so far) small lines look worse like a lot of foundations do, so I’m pleased with this one.


Just foundation.
 With extra concealer under the eyes and on spots.


Coverage and finish: coverage is light to medium, I definitely need an extra concealer under the eyes, on the tip of my nose and on spots, but this lighter coverage also results in a very natural finish which I’m a big fan of. My skin is currently normal to dry and this sets to the promised semi-matte finish that looks similar to my favourite Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless, however, given that it’s a hydrating foundation I have a feeling that similarly to Oriflame’s MasterCreation this might stay tacky on normal, combination and oily skin.



Staying power: This wears beautifully through the day. It doesn’t make my lines look deep as canyons after hours of wear time, it’s doesn’t go patchy or super shiny. I couldn’t say precisely how long it lasts because I don’t tend to look myself in the mirror during the day, but when I use micellar water late in the evening there still some traces left.
Shade: I got the lightest 00 shade which sadly Deborah decided to make quite dark. In fact it’s a shade darker than Catrice’s HD Liquid Coverage 010, which is already too deep for me. Undertone looks kind of peachy to me as it ends up quite orange-ish on my skin when I wear it on its own. I mix it with about 2-3 drops of The Body Shop Adjusting Drops so I get a close enough shade for me. How I wish this formula existed in a shade similar to Milani Conceal + Perfect 00A.



Packaging: Deborah went with a very simple tube. I’m more of a fan of bottles with a pump, bit this is just fine.
Price and availability: I went to check the price in DM, but for some reason thought the stand was full of these, the price wasn’t there. Basing on the prices of their other foundations, it must be about 15 €.
I love this one for my winter skin. It’s like Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless and Healthy Mix had a baby, as it combines a hydrating formula that doesn’t go patchy on my dry skin and a natural looking semi-matte finish that doesn’t emphasise pores and lines. If only the shade were super pale, this would be a total winner, but luckily great products like The Body Shop’s Drops exist, so I can wear this formula with no problems.

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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